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The majority of law firms operate on a business model that was developed centuries ago.
Those law firms have significant fixed costs like large payrolls, expensive real estate offices, and fancy art collections.

Who do you think pays for that?

Madison Juschin & Associates is using lean startup principles to the practice of law to create an innovate law firm that’s smart and efficient.

Attorney Madison Juschin

Attorney Madison Juschin


Why Madison Juschin & Associates?

Latest Technology


We are using the latest technologies and lean startup principles to make your immigration case simpler, faster, and safer.

Transparent Pricing


Have you ever wondered how much you will have to pay in total once you are done working with a law firm? Not with us, we have set rates and no surprises.

Love Communicating


No worries, we will keep you constantly updated and will assist you at every step of the progress to help you move to the U.S. We love communicating!


Areas of Practice

Madison Juschin & Associates has a steady history of helping businesses with everything from permanent work visas to treaty and investment visas, helping individuals and organizations understand the immigration law process. When you or your family needs help entering, exiting or staying in the country, Madison Juschin & Associates has the expertise to make your immigration experiences a smooth process.

Madison Juschin & Associates is an elite business counsel and litigation law firm that assists business and individual clients in a broad range of business law and litigation matters. We combine the sophistication and high quality legal counsel of the large San Francisco/Silicon Valley law firms with the economy, dedication and individual attention of a small firm.

New technologies and business models disrupt businesses and everyday life worldwide. Qualified lawyers will assist companies with identifying legal risks and understanding the legal boundaries their technologies and models must operate within. We assist in “go-to-market” preparations and with licensing issues, consultations with regulators, onboarding processes with credit institutions and preparations for compliance procedures.


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